We are keen on implementing improvements to the functioning of warehouses, production facilities and distribution centers. By the usage of our transportation trolleys systems, our solutions provide additional savings while increasing the efficiency of your business. Implementation of transport trolleys is an investment for years – thanks to our innovative tech, we are able to transport parts and completed products within the company significantly quicker without increasing internal costs. If you are looking for a company that will be able to enhance the financial performance by improving the efficiency within your business, test our capabilities!

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We provide solutions tailored directly to the individual needs of each entrepreneur. Everything depends on its requirements and the nature of the business. We do understand that each company is unique and therefore requires a different organization of logistic processes. The more repetitive and planned the supply of the production line is, the more effective the implementation of our systems will be. We divide each production stage into individual areas, which we then optimize separately.

The efficiency of in-house transportation depends on the pace of production and the distance between the starting and target point. Therefore as the first step in our activities we heavily focus on shortening any unnecessary procedures. Then, we are ready to implement our systems into the facility, which always differs on the case-by-case assessments made before starting the entire procedure. Our applications increase work efficiency and reduce the time needed for handling operations. In this way, production lines receive constant access to components.

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Production, distribution, and warehousing require advanced, high-quality technologies and effective work methodologies. Transport trolleys coupled with the Woozec brand’s intralogistics philosophy provide a genuine alternative to the standard measures present in a wide range of companies across Europe. We know how to quickly and easily organize and then loop the process of transport and material flow within the company. With us you can do more, faster and better. See for yourself!

For large enterprises

  • Implementation of perfectly organized and proven intralogistics systems
  • Optimization of supply chains based on transport trolleys
  • Increased safety levels throughout the company
  • Mobile applications enabling you to supervise manufacturing processes
  • Regular service and maintenance
  • Tools to accurately predict delays and plan milk-chaines

For medium enterprises

  • Increase turnover while generating savings on core expenses
  • Up to double the efficiency of intralogistics processes
  • Long equipment lifespan with long warranty service
  • Notification system to boost supervision over individual employees
  • Higher production rate at lower costs
  • Continuous support for intralogistics improvements
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Rapid modernization and fast assembly! Since we acquired transport trolleys and introduced logistics solutions from Woozec, the efficiency of our factory and warehouse has increased dramatically. We did not expect such superb effects.

A great investment and results are visible basically instantaneously. First of all, safety in the warehouses and production lines has increased. We can closely monitor every trolley and vehicle, and thus our employees pay much more attention to maintaining the appropriate speed. Each of us feels much more comfortable now.

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